Sourdough fit for a Prince

Dedicated to the art of bread making, Aidan Monks, operates his business, Lovingly Artisan, from a small unit with a shop front by Oxenholme train station.  Serving the commuters of the area with delicious freshly baked breads, pastries and other delicious morsels of the day together with freshly brewed coffee, he has built up a regular and loyal clientele.  Additionally, his specialist bread is distributed daily from Oxenholme station to many of the region’s top class restaurants and grocery stores.

It was no surprise then that during a recent visit to the Lakes, HRH Prince of Wales requested a quick stop off in Oxenholme to reacquaint himself with Aidan and his fine sourdough bread!  The Prince, who had met Aidan on a previous visit to Cumbria, praised him on his growing business and of course accepted a loaf of his favourite bread.

Aidan was thrilled to have the chance to meet the Prince again and is very proud to receive recognition of his small Lakeland business.  Equally, at Agenda we are very proud of Aidan who we have worked with from humble beginnings to a burgeoning business where his produce is much in demand not only in the Lakes (and by royalty) but for much wider distribution.

So take a tip from us, if you’re passing through the Lakes, take the opportunity to visit Oxenholme, follow the lovely smell of baking and find out which speciality bread will become your favourite.

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