Delusion – facing your fears

Aside from the humble amoeba, everything is complex, both in work and in play. It might be something at work, part of a hobby, or something else, but nothing is ever truly straightforward. You’ll encounter decisions, meetings, problems, challenges… and chances are, you’re probably expecting them. Problem solved, right? Wrong. So wrong.

Let’s take business as an example. You have a great idea for a business, an innovative product that you know people will love, and a keen understanding of your marketplace. The only thing you don’t have is the confidence in your own ability to sell your product. Your world-beating new item is like nothing that’s gone before, but for that very reason you know it’ll be difficult to make potential customers appreciate its value.

So the work continues. You make more of your product in anticipation of the huge demand which you know will arise one day. You prepare marketing materials and keep them in your spare bedroom until you’re ready to unveil your fabulous new idea. You compile lots of facts and figures and make profit projections until you run out of graph paper. But deep down, you know that you’re missing something… you haven’t actually sold your product to anyone. And why not? Because you’re frightened of making those calls and introducing your precious new creation to the scary, cynical marketplace.

The result is simple: there are no results. Your amazing new product never reaches the shelves, the media sensation never materialises, and you don’t ever make the profits which you know are just beyond your reach. Making those sales calls is the only barrier between you and success – but it’s a barrier that you daren’t cross.

All too often in business, a single step in the process brings that process grinding to a halt. Maybe it’s in sales, maybe it’s in production, or maybe it’s in administration, but every business – no matter how large or small – has an area that everybody finds too difficult to spend time on. Find yours, and train your team to deal with it. Neglect it at your peril, or sooner or later it’ll come back and wreak havoc.

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